Complimentary Wood panels and Weaves

JayArts is happy to offer complimentary Wood panel or a Weave for a minimum order value of $800.  The choice of wood panel and the kind of weave vary based on the total order value. The complimentary product selection is made by our team at the time of shipping.

Complimentary Wood Panels

Our panels are made from Ash wood with intricately carved details. The panels are designed in the US, and carved in Eastern Europe and the US. The panel size ranges between 8 inches to 12 inches height.  The complimentary wood panel prices range between $90 and $250.  Sample carvings are shown below:


Complimentary Weaves

Our weaves are generally sarees that comes directly from the weavers of West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and other places in India.  Our weaves include handloom cottons, cotton blends, tussar silks, semi silks, silk cottons, organzas, embroideries, and etc.  The complimentary weaves' prices range between $75 and $200.  Some sample weaves are shown below: