Complimentary wood panel or a weave for a minimum order value of $800. FREE UPS Ground shipping within the continental USA. Contact: (571) 293-1740 ‬|
Complimentary wood panel or a weave for a minimum order value of $800. FREE UPS Ground shipping within the continental USA. Contact: (571) 293-1740 ‬|
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About Us

Jay Arts born out of deep love and respect for Indian traditional sculptures/art, started in 2017 in Northern Virginia, USA., specialize in fine detailed high-relief wood panels, brass sculptures, and South Indian bronze sculptures made using the lost-wax process.  Exciting clients through fine quality art is our top priority. 

Our Wood panels are made using premium hardwood ( like Ash, Cherry, Alder, Oak and  Maple). The  panels are designed in the US, and carved in Eastern European countries with great attention to fine details given to each carving in quality wood.  Our wood panels are machine carved showing intricate details and painstakingly hand finished for several hours, which includes removing rough edges, sanding, and finished with stain and lacquer. We work with a team of expert artists and wood carvers from around the world to bring out the excellence in each of our wood carvings. 

Our Brass sculptures are made by expert artisans from different parts of India and have a wide variety of products ranging from small ritual accessories to large size statues. We make every effort to get quality brass sculptures and take great interest in choosing each sculpture from our artisans based on design and finish, and always strive to make the right selection of sculptures for Jay Arts.

My fondness for Buddha statues led to the start of a profound collection of Buddha at Jay Arts. Our Buddha statues are made of brass and wood showing different gestures (mudras), and as always we choose each statue with love, and great attention to details. We are certain that you will find the most peaceful and tranquil collection of Buddha statues.

Bronze Sculptures - We work directly with artisans in South India to bring fine detailed Bronze statues to Jay Arts. Each Bronze sculpture is unique; they are hand made by traditional lost wax process with details clearly defined. The lost-wax process involves several stages to make a sculpture, and takes several weeks to months to get the final finished sculpture. The making process is what makes each Bronze sculpture unique. Sculptures made of Bronze lasts hundreds of years due to its high strength, and corrosion resistance properties.

Jay Arts is an absolute must-visit gallery for art lovers; We make traditional art that varies from high relief wood panels using 3D technology to sculptures made using the lost-wax process, and pay great attention in choosing the best products for Jay Arts. We are proud and grateful for the team of artists and artisans we work with from across the globe. Jay Arts strives to be the perfect place for your choice of decor! 

Shipping within USA, and Worldwide shipping available.