11" Brass Rishabhadeva Shiva Statue
11" Brass Rishabhadeva Shiva Statue
11" Brass Rishabhadeva Shiva Statue
11" Brass Rishabhadeva Shiva Statue

11" Brass Rishabhadeva Shiva Statue

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Material: Brass

Finish: Bronze brown

Dimensions: 11.0 inch Height x 4.5 inch Width x 3.5 inch Depth

Weight: 2.6 kg / 5.6 lbs

Shipping and delivery: 5 - 7 business days

Product description: Rishabadeva Shiva (Lord of the Bull) also known as Mahadeva, is one of the principal deities in Hinduism. He is one one of the Trimurtis, along with Lord Brahma the creator, and Lord Vishnu the protector, and Shiva is referred to as the destroyer; one who destroys the impurities taking refuge in the human mind. Rishabhadeva Shiva or Vrishavahana Shiva refers to the association of Shiva with his Bull, the Nandi or Nandikeshvara. The brass statue is a chola style form of Shiva in a standing posture, with his right hand assumed to rest on the back of the Bull. The physical presence of the Bull in this particular pose is rarely seen, but bronze Rishabadeva with Sivagami is widely known and famous in South Indian museums that celebrates the chola style Shiva Parvathi couple with the missing bull. Shiva in this pose stands with his dhoti fastened, and wears a turban; serpents shaped in the form of a turban as seen in the statue which is an iconic feature of Rishabha Shiva. The face of Shiva exudes a sublime beauty full of serenity and compassion, and this expression conveys a sense of inner peace and spiritual fulfillment. The graceful posture of the Rishabadeva emphasizes his divine power and authority that conveys a sense of strength and control, reinforcing Shiva's role as a supreme being in Hindu cosmology. The patina on the sculpture shows an antique, warm bronze hue, giving it an ageless and captivating allure. The symbolism of Shiva and Nandi extends beyond religious contexts and has cultural significance, and the bull is celebrated in various art forms, and rituals.

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