Panchamukhi Hanuman
Panchamukhi Hanuman
Panchamukhi Hanuman
Panchamukhi Hanuman
Panchamukhi Hanuman
Panchamukhi Hanuman

Panchamukhi Hanuman

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Material: Brass

Finish: Golden yellow

Dimensions: 10.0 inch Height x 7.0 inch Width x 6.0 inch Depth

Weight: 4.4 kg / 9.9 lbs

Shipping and delivery: 5 - 8 business days

Product description: Lord Hanuman is a Hindu God, and an ardent devotee of Lord Rama. He took this form of Panchamukhi Hanuman (five faces) to destroy the King of Pathala, Ahiravana who took Rama and Lakshmana to Pathala Loka. Hanuman found out that the life of Ahiravana existed in the five lamps, and extinguishing all the five lamps at the same time would destroy the demon. Hence he took the form of Panchamukhi Hanuman with five faces and extinguished all the five lamps at one time and destroyed Ahiravana. The statue of Panchamukhi Hanuman has five faces, and ten hands holding their respective weapons, and is generally worshipped to remove all negative forces.

The significance of each face of Hanuman is as follows:

Sri Hanuman faces East - grants Ishta Siddhipurity of mind and success.

The Narasimha faces South - grants Abhista Siddhi - victory and fearlessness.

The West facing Garuda - grants Sakala Soubhagyam - good luck.

The North facing Varaha - grants Dhana Prapthi showers prosperity and wealth.

The Hayagriva gives knowledge and good children - Sarva Vidya Jaya Prapthi.

The statue indeed looks splendid, and clearly depicts the iconographical attributes of Panchamukhi Hanuman. 

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