About wood panels.

Our wood panels are high relief carvings (deep carving) with great attention to fine details given to each carving in quality wood. The wood panels are machine carved showing intricate details and painstakingly hand finished for several hours, which includes removing rough edges, sanding, and finished with stain and lacquer. We work with a team of expert artists and wood carvers from around the world to bring out the excellence in each of our wood carvings. Some of the common wood we use are, Alder, Ash, Oak, Maple, Cherry, Beech, and etc.


The Versatile Hardwood! Fine grained wood similar to cherry, birch and maple. The grain structure and the light uniform color, makes it easy to form, fasten and finish.

Although classified as a hardwood, alder is one of the softest of all hardwoods and is more commonly referred to as a semi-hardwood.

Alder used for cabinet doors, interior doors, guitar blanks, kids toys etc.
Alders are commonly found in the Pacific Northwest of North America and mostly grow near streams, rivers and wetlands.


Ash is a light colored, smooth straight grained, light weight wood. Its known for its durability.  Ash has very good strength-to-weight ratio ( light weight but very strong ) making it an excellent choice for fine carving, wall hanging.

Ash is widely used in making baseball bats and American furnitures due to its excellent shock resistance and high durability properties.

Ash grows widely across Europe, Asia, and North America.


Beech is a hardwood, strong and heavy, fine and tightly packed grain and even texture with good resistance to abrasion. Beech wood is very light in color and gives your room a warm feeling.

Beechwood is popularly used in furnitures, the white to pinkish brown color, fine grain makes it an attractive material for use in housewares.

Beech belongs to deciduous trees family, native to temperate Europe, Asia, and North America.


Cherry wood has a smooth, closed grain pattern, much like that of maple wood. Cherry varies from rich red to reddish brown and will darken with age and on exposure to light.

Cherry is one of the preferred hardwoods used for making fine furniture and cabinets, flooring, musical instruments, carvings etc. 

Cherry is a deciduous hardwood common to North America, mostly found in Midwestern and Eastern U.S.


Oak is a tree that belongs to the Beech family, a popular hardwood known for its strength and durability. There are two kinds of Oak, Red Oak and White Oak. Both varieties of wood are sturdy and has well defined grain patterns. White Oak has light to medium brown color and Red Oak has light to medium brown color with reddish tint. Their grain patterns are familiar - straight, coarse and uneven textures.

Oak is a hard wood that requires good experience and specific tools to make proper carvings. Oak is a versatile hardwood that is used extensively in making hardwood flooring, furnitures, cabinets, and etc.

Oak is also an ideal material for boat making because of its strength and resistance to rot, decay, insects and fungus. Oak has been used for many centuries in the UK due to its availability and popular qualities.

Oak trees grow well in temperate and tropical climates and are found in regions of Asia and North America.


Maple wood is derived from Maple trees, a strong and durable wood by nature and known for its incredible beautiful color. Maple has a light cream color, with slight reddish brown tints, smooth grain pattern and fine texture. Some wood have variations in grain patterns like flame, bird eye, wavy, rippled as well. The beauty of Maple is that the wood needs "No stain" and can be finished with only lacquer thus making it an impressive wood for wood working and carving.

There are two types of Maple wood: Hard Maple ( also known as Sugar Maple or Rock Maple ) and Soft Maple, both varieties are used extensively for making furniture, musical instruments, flooring/cabinets etc. The species common among American wood workers is the Sugar maple or Hard Maple, which is extensively grown in Northern US and Canada and are also the source of Maple sap - a primary ingredient for making pure Maple syrup.

There are many species of Maple tress and are native to Asia, Europe, Northern Africa and North America.

Wood characteristics and Panel care

The beauty of wood carving is seen in its natural grain pattern, and each wood has its own variation in patterns. No two woods of similar kind will have the same grain pattern in the final carved panel.

Wood carvings will show natural wood grains, slight color variations and also  knots, dark spots or markings in some places. These are typical characteristics of wood by nature, and each wood panel appears the same as in pictures.

Wood panel careThe wood panels need minimum care with dusting as needed, or occasional wiping using a soft clean cloth. Direct exposure to water and heat should be avoided, and application of any hard chemical cleaning agents is not recommended as they may stain or cause discoloration.

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