Nepalese Copper Statue Care

Nepal, a country in South Asia, has a rich and diverse cultural heritage with a blend of various ethnic groups and religions. The country has a strong tradition of arts and crafts, painting, weaving and sculpture, including the making of beautiful handmade copper statues. Nepalese handmade copper statues are a beautiful and unique art form that are highly valued for their beauty and intricate details. In Nepal, the making of copper statues is considered a sacred art form, and our artisans come from families that have been doing this work for generations, and they take great pride in their craft. The making process of a statue begins with creating the wax model, and undergoes several steps, and many weeks to months to get the final finished copper statue. The statues are hand made, made of copper and gilded with 24K gold, and some are artistically hand painted to highlight the details. Nepalese art are highly influenced by Buddhist traditions, and often depicts Buddha and other religious deities. Nepalese handmade copper statues are known for their high level of skill and craftsmanship that reflect the rich cultural traditions of Nepal.

Making of Nepal Copper Statues

The process of making a Nepalese handmade copper statue usually begins with the creation of a clay or wax mold. The mold is then coated with a layer of fine clay and fired in a kiln to create a hardened shell. The shell is then filled with molten copper and allowed to cool and solidify. Once the copper has hardened, the shell is broken away to reveal the rough form of the statue. Once the basic form of the statue is complete, the sculptor will use small hand tools to create intricate details and decorations, such as jewelry or clothing. These details may be hammered directly into the copper, or they may be attached separately using solder or other techniques. This process can take many days, depending on the complexity of the design. After the statue is complete, it may be polished or treated with a patina to create a specific color or finish. The highlight of Nepal statues are that they are gilded with 24K gold. The 24K gold gilding on a copper sculpture is done by the traditional fire gilding method that retains its brilliant luster for many years. Some copper statues are also hand painted or gilded to add color, and other finishes like dark copper are made to highlight the details. The making of Nepal copper statues requires a high level of skill, precision, and patience, and the artisans involved take great pride in their craftsmanship. Nepalese statues are highly valued for their beauty and intricate details, and the final statue is a stunning work of art that often has deep cultural and religious significance.


Copper Statue Care

The copper statues needs minimum care with dusting as needed, or occasional wiping using a soft clean cloth. Direct exposure to water and heat should be avoided, and application of any hard chemical cleaning agents is not recommended as they may stain or cause discoloration on the statue. Dusting these statues a few times a year would be sufficient, or as needed depending on the environment.

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