Lord Nataraja - Ash wood panel
Lord Nataraja - Ash wood panel
Lord Nataraja - Ash wood panel
Lord Nataraja - Ash wood panel

Lord Nataraja - Ash wood panel

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Material: Ash Wood

Finish: Wood stain and lacquer satin finish

Dimensions: 15.0 inch Height x 11.75 inch Width x 1.75 inch Depth

Weight: 4.0 lbs

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Product description: Nataraja is Lord Shiva, one of the most powerful Hindu Gods in his cosmic dance form. The name Nataraja in sanskrit means "Lord of the Dance". His dance called Anandatandava standing on the demon Apasmara within the circle of fire symbolizes the cosmic cycles of creation and destruction. Lord Shiva in the form of Nataraja takes away the ignorance from our minds through the divine act of dance. Keen attention to details have been given to every aspect of Nataraja such as, the shape of cosmic circle of fire ( prabha mandala ), his flying strands of hair, River Ganges flowing from his hair, the crescent shaped moon, Third eye - the eye of wisdom which signifies knowledge, leg and hand posture, the demon (Apasmara) on lotus pedestal, a small drum called Damaru in his upper right hand, Agni (fire) in his upper left hand, and a Cobra uncoiling from his lower right hand that shows the Abhaya mudra (meaning fearlessness), demonstrating a fine workmanship by our team of artists. Wall hanging hardware attached to panel.

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