Preaching Buddha
Preaching Buddha

Preaching Buddha

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Material: Brass

Finish: Red coral and turquoise inlay work

Dimensions:11.0 inch height x 9.5 inch width x 6.5 inch depth

Weight: 5.0 kg/11.0 lbs approximately.

Product description: Buddha is revered as a monk and a religious leader whose teachings led to the start of Buddhism. The word Buddha means enlightened or awakened. The statue depicts Buddha seated in a cross-legged position (Padmasana yoga pose) showing gyan mudra (tip of index finger touching the thumb with the rest three fingers stretched), and the face of Buddha has a calm and peaceful countenance. The robe of Buddha has coral and turquoise inlay work finish, along with some auspicious symbols engraved on it. The Buddha looks beautiful and the inlay work enhances the aesthetic beauty of the statue.

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